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To show why I feel my inspections are top-notch, I'd like to relate this true story about Jim and his big beautiful nine-month-old home.

Jim is the photographer who took several pictures seen on the web site. Jim had his house inspected before he closed on the deal. The inspector went through the home and told him everything was fine. It probably was. Jim got a little handwritten checklist conforming to a national standard of what should be included in a home inspection. It undoubtedly had all the boxes checked and all the t's crossed.

Well here comes Darrell to get some "action" shots of typical poses during an inspection. First thing I jump in Jim's tile shower-- "My God Jim, your tile shower is shot!" Well, we stopped taking pictures and talked for about twenty minutes. We jawed about grout, visqueen vapor barriers, trapped moisture, interior ventilation, mechanical ventilation systems, drywall behind tile, sealing grout, weepholes, and I basically educated him in the manner all customers with tile shower and bath surrounds get educated.

Next stop-- the kitchen sink. Jim's sink was slightly leaking and judging from the stains had been from Day One. "Oh man," I thought...

We did the other shots then went up on the roof and while I was pretending to appear to be taking notes (but was really just talking with Jim as he clicked away) I said, "Are you on the LP registry, Jim?" He said, "the what?" Then followed another lengthy explanation of a widely known class action lawsuit that has been settled with checks being written to homeowners (the time period is now over)  Jim had never heard of it, didn't know the siding was on his house, but now does.

This experience really highlighted for me the different job I do for my customers. It showed me that some inspectors don't feel the need to educate, to have fun, to get to know their customers at least a little bit. Home inspectors get sued quite regularly and complained about constantly and I've always wondered why. This gave me a little insight. I wonder, how do you miss these things if you halfway know your stuff? Maybe some don't...

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