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Funny thing, I routinely get customers asking if "their" defect can be featured on the HALL OF SHAME.  Seems to be a pretty popular part of the website.  Ok, I concede.  By request Diane, here you are.

                         Diane's garage plug

                                             mousewaste.JPG (13628 bytes)


Diane's house in West Seattle had a pretty poor electrical system. To say the least. So poor that the kitchen electrical receptacles were wired from a garage plug with a grounding adaptor and bare wire running over to a plumbing pipe, wrapped around it several times and tied off in a bow. Gotta love that.

Rats enjoy attics and crawlspaces because of all the insulation for burrowing.  This attic had plenty of burrowing tunnels and feces (the black spots). Sounds like a good time to me too. 
crushed and rotted deck beam.jpg (194168 bytes)

  Wow. Pictures are worth a thousand words. That's some pretty flexible paint.
plumbing4.JPG (11482 bytes)

  Galvanized plumbing supply pipes tend to get internal restrictions from mineral deposits, thus lowering flow. They also rust, first at the connections, then as rust blisters in the field, and finally they look like this, ready to burst! One time I scraped a bad rust spot with my fingernail and water spewed out! Oops.
crawlspace1.GIF (27059 bytes)

  Almost all crawlspaces have some moisture from time to time. Unfortunately, many others can become swimming pools! Water can wreak havoc with structural and mechanical systems, as well as create moisture problems inside the house.
roof.jpg (13318 bytes)

  A roof draining into an electrical box. A true classic! 
shower1.jpg (9168 bytes)

  Shower tiles glued to drywall all eventually fail. This happens faster when there's a window in the shower. This shower was so bad that you could see the water leaching through the wall and to the outside, completely through the cedar siding!  

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