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The following is a sampling of unsolicited e-mail comments we've received from past customers. They speak for themselves.

"Thank you for taking the time to go back out to our new house and check on the attic venting and the disconnected outlets. I know how busy you must be, but we just wanted to make sure everything would be in the best shape possible when we take over the house. Thanks Again. We really appreciate it! And you can count on being highly recommended to all our friends and co-workers."

"I had scheduled a meeting with the Developer today...apparently he brought his architect & a few other folks along. Apparently, you opened their eyes...which is more than they are evidently able to do on their own....
Upon re-reading your report, I'm even more impressed. The other Engineering Co. (CCE are their initials) provided a form report, with very little real information, & though I will give their guy credit for
alerting me to some of the problems, he was not nearly as thorough as you & Richard. Suffice it to say, I will recommend you guys enthusiastically (as you did approach your work) to anyone."

"I really appreciate your coming today on such short notice. You really
added a lot of value with your inspection. My hope had been that you
would sort of "rubber stamp" a few structural problems, so I could move
on & close my deal.
Instead, you opened my eyes about the kind of things I should be aware
of...for that I am very grateful. My goal now (believe it or not) is to
sit down with the builder & convince him that it's in his best interests
to work with me on this. I really like the place, but without your
advice & guidance, I would have made a BIG mistake! Instead, I'm
willing to take a risk & try to get the builder to correct the problems
now, while it's in his (& my) best interests. If not, oh well, at least
I'm now better prepared to find the right place.
So, thanks again for the HUGE learning lesson (at least) are very
good at what you do...I appreciate the fact that you can have fun doing
it as well :-)...I will not hesitate to recommend you to any friends (&
of course to call upon your services again for myself).
You have a gift of succinct communication, adorned with
real wit...keep it up! Hope to see you again soon (at my housewarming

Darrell crouching

"Thanks to your keen eye and written report we got a twenty thousand dollar (!!!)
price reduction after they had indicated they were firm on the price. I can't
say thanks enough"

"Thanks, Darrell. That's quite a list all right. Oh well,
ignorance was bliss but I guess it's time to wake up and smell the mildew.
It was nice to meet you as well. I'm glad that the sunny disposition you
communicate in your column isn't just an act.  A bargain at twice the price."

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